VIDEO: Shocking Twist Hits Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – IGN News

Warning: Spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44! In the pages of today’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44, the Turtles’ worst nightmare became reality.

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Web Talkies Presents Manoranjan ke 100 Din.

Web Talkies presents a fun-packed contest of Manoranjan ke 100 Din. The contest is launched to celebrate the 100 days of entertainment-oriented content that we are about to complete. The contest starts on 23rd September 2016 and ends on 21st October 2016. The contest will run across our 4 shows namely Maid in India, Border Border, Gang of Big Boys and Laww Lag Gaye. So join in the fun and win more than 200 prizes.
To participate, log onto

VIDEO: James Franco: 'I’m Gay in My Art’

For years, speculation has swirled around James Franco’s sexuality and, in a new “interview” with himself 429 magazine, the 36-year-old is finally addressing the topic. “Let’s get substantial: are you f—–g gay or what?” “Straight James” asks. “Well, I like to think that I’m gay in my art and straight in my life,” “Gay James” replies. “Although, I’m also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse, and then you could say I’m straight. So I guess it depends on how you define gay.

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Maid In India Ep6: Rustom Dekha Kya?

This time Priyanka, our iconic maid, does something really surprising and completely off-beat. Sandhya, her ‘Memsahab’ seems to be moving out of the house in the morning and coming back late, ever since her husband Sahil is away. This leaves Priyanka quite suspicious of Sandhya’s loyalty to Sahil just like the case of movie Rustom. Watch how Sandhya cuts all the crap that Priyanka throws her way and what actually happens.

Maid: Flora Saini
Housewife: Sandhya Mehta
Husband: Sahil Gandhi

Created by: Web Talkies
Produced by: ABD Production
Director: Umesh Ghadge
Conceived by: Virendra Shahaney
Written by: Umesh Ghadge
Executive Producer: Sanjay Bairagi
Cinematographer: Appu Sharma
Music: Nishant Pandey
Editor: Jaskaran Singh
Casting Director: Rohit Indoliya
Content Writer: Smita Sahu
Chief Assistant Director: Abhishek Wadodkar
Digital Marketing Executive: Raja Singh
Art Director: Sidhant
Costume Stylist: Mujib Shaikh
Sound: K. C. Shree Kumar
Graphics: Dinesh Zadrao
Hair Stylist: Goma Gawli
Make up: Imtiyaz Shaikh
Production Manager: Shailesh Tripathi
Assistant Director: Ratan Bansode
Assistant Cinematographer: Vishal Sharma
Assistant Editor: Baljeet Salhan
Casting Assistants: Adarsh Sharma
Assistant Art Director: Munna Jaiswal

VIDEO: Your First Look Inside Katy Perry’s Brand New Pop-Up Shop

Katy Perry fans, get ready to go shopping! On Tuesday, the pop star announced that her first pop-up shop was opening in Melbourne and would include exclusive merchandise and props and costumes from her first two tours. Among the big ticket items are the Smurfette dress Katy wore to “The Smurfs” premiere and the patriotic dress she wore during President Obama’s inauguration.

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