Web Talkies | Gang of Big Boys (Web Series) S01EP7: Modi & Obama take on Kejri & Trump

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Modi tries to teach Obama some Gujarati while they talk about Kejriwal’s deeds of insensibilities. But will he be able to teach him the entire language? Tune in to find out.

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Narender: KK Shukla
Obama: Ranjeev Bagga

Created by: Web Talkies
Produced by: ABD Production
Conceived by: Virendra Shahaney
Directed by: Umesh Ghadge
Written by: Chintan Shah
Executive Producer: Vijay R Yadav
Production Controller: Alam khan
Cinematographer: Appu Sharma
Music: Nishant Pandey
Editor: Jaskaran Singh
Casting Director: Rohit Indoliya, Jen Khan
Content Writer: Smita Sahu
Chief Assistant Director: Abhishek Wadodkar
Digital Marketing Executive: Raja Singh
Art Director: Sidhant
Sound: K. C. Shree Kumar
Graphics: Dinesh Zadrao
Hair Stylist: Goma Gawli
Make up: Imtiyaz Shaikh
Production Manager: Shailesh Tripathi, Ratan Bansode
Assistant Directors: Zaid Shaikh, Mahima Thakur
Assistant Cinematographer: Vishal Sharma
Assistant Editor: Baljeet Salhan
Casting Assistant: Adarsh Sharma
Assistant Art Director: Munna Jaiswal
Dressman: Rizwan

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